Mixed race celebrity couples are the ones we love. If you want to talk about diversity, then that’s where you begin. The numbers keep rising. We see them on our TV screens and they wow us. And that’s where acceptance to interracial love begins.

For those of us in interracial relationships, there are those that have become an inspiration to us because of their bravery and their love. These are the couples we want to be like. These are some of the people who have given other couples the courage to love freely. They have been the trendsetters, making the acceptance of interracial dating much higher.

So, whom do we have in mind?

Interracial celebrity couples and what makes their relationships last.

We all have those couples that we want to emulate. Below are some mixed race celebrity couples in long-lasting relationships.

David Bowie and Iman

Much as the rock star David Bowie passed on, theirs was the forever kind of love. Their love story is one that will be remembered by most interracial couples. They had been married for 23 years.

Iman openly talked about how fabulous their marriage was. Apparently, Bowie was such a fun man. He also passionately wooed her.

Tamera and Adam Housley

What makes this couple admirable is that they have been together through thick and thin. People took to the internet and called Tamera a white man’s whore. I remember tears flowing as she narrated how she felt on the Oprah show.

The husband has been beside her fighting back internet trolls on her behalf. And they are still going strong since their marriage in 2011.

Justin Chambers and Keisha’s mixed race celebrity story

These two lovebirds have been married since 1993. The couple has been through a lot of experiences together. Much as Chambers acknowledges that relationships have ups and downs, he is glad that the ups and downs are with his wife Keisha.

The pair has five children. His tattoos include the names of his wife and children. Much as he plays a player on Grey’s Anatomy, in real life he is a one-woman man.