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Mixed race celebrity couples and what makes them successful

Mixed race celebrity couples are the ones we love. If you want to talk about diversity, then that’s where you begin. The numbers keep rising. We see them on our TV screens and they wow us. And that’s where acceptance to interracial love begins.

For those of us in interracial relationships, there are those that have become an inspiration to us because of their bravery and their love. These are the couples we want to be like. These are some of the people who have given other couples the courage to love freely. They have been the trendsetters, making the acceptance of interracial dating much higher.

So, whom do we have in mind?

Interracial celebrity couples and what makes their relationships last.

We all have those couples that we want to emulate. Below are some mixed race celebrity couples in long-lasting relationships.

David Bowie and Iman

Much as the rock star David Bowie passed on, theirs was the forever kind of love. Their love story is one that will be remembered by most interracial couples. They had been married for 23 years.

Iman openly talked about how fabulous their marriage was. Apparently, Bowie was such a fun man. He also passionately wooed her.

Tamera and Adam Housley

What makes this couple admirable is that they have been together through thick and thin. People took to the internet and called Tamera a white man’s whore. I remember tears flowing as she narrated how she felt on the Oprah show.

The husband has been beside her fighting back internet trolls on her behalf. And they are still going strong since their marriage in 2011.

Justin Chambers and Keisha’s mixed race celebrity story

These two lovebirds have been married since 1993. The couple has been through a lot of experiences together. Much as Chambers acknowledges that relationships have ups and downs, he is glad that the ups and downs are with his wife Keisha.

The pair has five children. His tattoos include the names of his wife and children. Much as he plays a player on Grey’s Anatomy, in real life he is a one-woman man.


Tips to become the ideal partner for a long term relationship

lasting love

A relationship is a strong bond between two people who fall in love. It not only makes two people perfect lovers but also make them good friends. It is not possible that every partner in a relationship is same; every relationship is unique in itself and every partner is unique because of the difference in personality, culture, thinking, interests, and experiences. But they make precedence in front of the world with love. For a long-term relationship, a person needs an ideal partner who cares, loves and understands their feelings and emotions. Here are few important tips that help you to become an ideal partner.

Do one thing daily to make your partner smile

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The most important thing to do when you are in a relationship is that you need to do at least one thing every day to make your partner smile. For example every morning telling your partner the three magical words “I love you” will have a profound effect, making a surprise breakfast, giving gifts as surprises, doing naughty and silly things, tucking a special note in the pocket of your partner, and many other things that can make him or her smile will add to the bonding of the relationship.

Being a good listener

You need to know about your partner, sometimes your partner needs to talk you. Listen to you to your partner properly and understand their feelings and emotions. Listening to your partner is a part of the relationship because it shows that you do care about what your partner is thinking. This valuable attention goes a long way towards increasing the connection in a relationship.

Support your partner

Show your support to your partner without any condition in any situation. Sometimes your partner may be suffering from problems he may not like to disclose to the whole world. Supporting him or her in such small and big situations will help you come closer. A small support between the changing of two jobs goes a long way in creating a strong and long-term bond between two people.

Spend more time with each other

When you are involved in a relationship your first priority is your life partner. Your life partner is a very important person in your life. Make sure spending more time with each other like – going out for dinner at your favorite restaurant, making a special travel trip, helping to make a dinner, simply staying home and enjoying free time with your partner. These special things make your relationship very special and long-lasting.

Being a good caretaker

When you select a life partner then it’s your responsibility to make your partner happy. You need to be a good caretaker of your partner. If your partner gifts you something then he/she wants to show an appreciation for the relationship. Don’t hesitate to say “Thank you” and give a hug and a kiss frequently. These little things will make your moment magical. If you care for your partner, your partner will be very happy with you. For a long relationship, you need to keep each other happy and it is very important to be happy with each other.

Be honest with your partner

When you are in a relationship, then you need to keep a lot of things in your mind. You should not lie to your partner. Talk to your partner in a loving way. Don’t hide any secrets from your life partner. Share every little thing with your life partner. Good communication makes a relationship perfect.

3 tips for getting into long-term relationships rather than casual dating

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If you are someone who has dated many people in the past but failed to commit to a long-term relationship, then the following tips might help you to commit to a long-term relationship with someone. Long-term relationships require patience, commitment, and desire. Consider these suggestions when you are dating someone.

Think about the future

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You should first find out what the other person wants for themselves and their future. You should ask your date whether he or she is dating just to have fun or to see them together in future as well. If that person says that he or she isn’t interested in marriage, then you should believe the person. Don’t think that the person will change mind.

Ask straightforward questions

You should try to understand where your relationship is heading. If the person you are dating interested in the growth of your relationship with your, or is he or she just here to pass some good time. You must ask this question straight away. By getting a direct answer, you will be able to make an informed decision about your marriage.

Trust your intuitive feeling

Sometimes we know instantly whether the person is right or wrong for us. If we feel that the person is not right for us, still we act opposite to what we feel. We continue dating that person. If you know that things are not going to work, there is no use stretching the relationship as you will simply be wasting your time.

You know yourself better. You shouldn’t ignore the signs you get when you meet someone. A long-term relationship is about strong commitment. You shouldn’t force yourself into a relationship if you know that there are too many differences and that it won’t work.