Being able to bond with co-workers is like a blessing from heaven. We are spending most of our waking days with them and being able to establish a professional and personal relationship with them is a big bonus to our lives. It is like building a new family when you are first introduced to the workplace. As the years move on, these coworkers become a significant support system. You learn to work with them as a team and then they function like a family. They got your back and you look out for one another. This until you started your interracial dating. What happens when your coworkers are not favorable of your interracial relationships and in fact, they have gone offensive?

Personal and institutional racism is alive and present. In the past years, we have seen the popularity of interracial dating sites with the advent of the society’s acceptance of interracial relationships. Yet, admittedly, racism is still alive and pulsating in our society. Racism in the workplace is also common.

Curing institutional racism will require major changes and it will not happen in the immediate period. Racists are everywhere and in a different persona. The only way we can know is through their behavior and their perspectives. So when you are in a  new interracial relationship and co-workers seems to be offensive to this, the bond that you have established is in jeopardy. These co-workers who are supposed to be supportive of you turn out to be racists. Then, you have another burden to hurdle in your interracial relationship.  So what happens when your coworkers start to become offensive and start attacking your interracial relationship?

Confront them calmly

There are people who might be ignorant of their remarks or actions. They may not be that conscious that what they are saying can be perceived as racism by you. When the remark of your coworker on your relationship becomes frequent, you have to do something about it. Being permissive might send a signal to your co-workers that what they are saying it is acceptable. Let them know that you disapprove of their remarks or without being defensive. Clarify their use of words to determine their intent. Express what you feel on their remarks. Don’t get triggered by their reactions. You should avoid escalating an awkward situation into a heated debate


Collect data and get support

If after a calm confrontation, the coworkers do not stop the unacceptable behavior, collect data as an evidence. Keep a log on the details on when and where the behavior was demonstrated. Try to take note of who was there when the behavior happened. Get the support of other people when dealing with racism at work. Talk to others who have experienced the same experiences.


Report the Behavior

There are policies on discrimination and workplace harassment in every workplace. Check your manual and look into how to report such incidences. Give the immediate supervisors time to handle the matter. If nothing has happened then you can report to the Human Resources section. The HR section has to be aware of situations which will put the company at legal risk. It is a risk if there are racist employees who are very blatant about their racism.  If the HR has not acted upon your complaint, then report to the federal agency of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.